Art Matters

Art Matters


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A stunning and timely creative call-to-arms combining four extraordinary written pieces by Neil Gaiman.

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before". (Neil Gaiman)

Drawn from Gaiman's trove of published speeches, poems and creative manifestos, 'ART MATTERS' is an embodiment of this remarkable multimedia artist's vision - an exploration of how reading, imagining, and creating can transform the world and our lives.

'ART MATTERS' brings together four of Gaiman's most beloved writings on creativity and artistry:

"CREDO", his remarkably concise and relevant manifesto on free expression, first delivered in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings

"MAKE GOOD ART", his famous 2012 commencement address delivered at the Philadelphia University of the Arts

"MAKING A CHAIR", a poem about the joys of creating something, even when the words won't come

"ON LIBRARIES", an impassioned argument for libraries that illuminates their importance to our future and celebrates how they foster readers and daydreamers.

'ART MATTERS' is a stirring testament to the freedom of ideas that inspire us to make art in the face of adversity and dares us to choose to be bold.

RUNNING TIME ⇰ 49mins.

©2018 Neil Gaiman (P)2018 HarperCollins Publishers

Title:Art Matters
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    Art Matters Reviews

  • Lisa

    The answer is not 42 after all. The answer to life, the universe and everything is: MAKE GOOD ART. Which of course may well be what Douglas Adams did, hitchhiking his way through the universe in a bom...

  • Swaroop

    "I believe in the battle between guns and ideas, ideas will eventually win."Art Matters: Because Your Imagination Can Change the World - the title says it all! You may not have the talent to draw, to ...

  • Nat K

    Oh my goodness, I L💜VE this book! I read it on the work commute home the day I bought it, and am SO impressed with it. It's one of those books that makes you believe that good things can happen.Ima...

  • Sean Barrs

    "Make good art. I’m serious." This is a collection of four essays, each forceful and energetic, that directly address why it is so important to read and write and, more importantly, they impress...

  • Ellie

    I needed this. Also Chris Riddell could stab me with a pencil and I'd thank him....

  • Seemita

    When I walk down a street I take often, I don’t need telling where the hump is or where the manhole splays. But even so, on days the street light doesn’t work, I feel a pinch; as if the little str...

  • Bradley

    Half illustrations, half art-on-art, this little gem of a book is just about perfect for anyone who appreciates art and/or makes it. :) I won't say the advice is new but it is very emphatic and heartf...

  • Heidi The Reader

    Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell have created a manifesto for readers, librarians and content creators. This little book celebrates everything having to do with reading, freedom of information and ideas,...

  • Deborah

    4.5 stars. What a gem! Neil Gaiman with the artwork of Chris Riddell promotes reading, writing, libraries, literacy, art, and creativity with lots of advice. Read. Create. Imagine. “Ideas spring up ...

  • Trish

    Neil Gaiman once said that 'the world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before'. This little book is the embodiment of that vision.(from the blurp)Neil Gaiman and...